General Info
All writing assignments should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font. Page-length requirements are a general guide–what is most important to me is that you answer the question or successfully build your argument.

Writing an Historical Paper About Religious Topics
For those of you who do not have experience writing about religion within a secular disciplinary perspective, I’ve written up a little guide that might help.

Need Help with Citations?
All of your papers should be properly cited. I prefer footnotes in the Chicago/Turabian style, which is standard for historical works. For a guide on how to cite, check here.

Assignment Descriptions
Short Responses – 5% each
Our course is divided into five sections. For each of the first four, you will be asked to compose a 2-page response to one of the weekly questions listed on the syllabus (worth 5% each). For example, our first section on Judaism is three weeks long and so has three possible questions you can choose to respond to. For each question, you’ll be asked to somehow engage the class readings for that day. The first possibility is due on 1/29. The second is due on 2/1. The third–your last chance to respond in this section–is due on 2/12.  Here is a list of the possible questions.

Take-Home Essays – 10% each
Here’s the assignment for the first essay, due 2/29.
Here’s the assignment for the second, due 4/11.
Here’s the third, due May 11.

Research Project40% total
I’ve gone ahead and made a separate page explaining this particular assignment. Due dates:
2/5 – Choice of Site
2/15 – List of Sources
3/21 – Source Write-Ups
4/4 – First Draft
4/29 – Final Draft