Third (AND FINAL!) Take-Home Essay

We’ve studied several critical moments in the past that transformed religious attitudes towards the Holy Land. Arguably, we are in one of those moments now. How has the development of the Zionist movement, the creation of the State of Israel, and the unfolding of the Arab-Israeli conflict served to transform religious attitudes towards the land in the 20th century?

Compose a four-page essay in response to the question. Your essay should be double-spaced and written in Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12. And don’t fiddle with the margins—it’s obvious. E-mail your essays to me by 10am on Wednesday, May 11 (our final exam time).

Relevant Primary sources we’ve used in class (BTW, sources that were part of the out-of-class readings will be on the “readings” page):

Jewish Religious Opposition to Zionism/State of Israel

Jewish Religious Support for Zionism/State of Israel

Islamic Opposition to Zionism/Israel:

  • Palin Commission Report (1920) – A British report on the outbreak of violence at the 1920 Nabi Musa pilgrimage.
  • Hamas Covenant (1988) – Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) formed out of the Muslim Brotherhood during the First Intifada.

Protestant Support for Zionism/Israel:

  • Letter from Frank Norris to Harry Truman (1947) – Norris was a Fundamentalist pastor from Fort Worth who supported Zionism on theological and political grounds. He wrote this letter to Truman to urge the president in supporting the Zionist cause.